Firearm Component Parts Warnings

Always read and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer regarding the safe installation and use of firearm component parts.

Improper installation of firearm component parts may result in death or serious personal injury. Only install component parts on the specific make and model of the firearm for which they are designed and specified. If you are not properly trained in the installation of these parts, have them installed by a gunsmith or armorer.

Always ensure that your firearm is unloaded (chamber empty and magazine removed) before installing component parts.

IMPORTANT LEGAL NOTICE: Installation of different component parts on your firearm can affect its legality.  Always ensure that your firearm will remain legal to possess and use pursuant to federal, state and local laws before replacing any of its component parts.  If you have any questions about the legality of installing the component parts on your firearm, contact an attorney, your State Attorney General’s Office, or your State Police. Expo Arms makes no representations regarding the legality of installing any component parts on your firearm.