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0A987 Optical sighting devices for firearms (including shotguns controlled by 0A984); and “components” as follows (See List of Items Controlled). 

List of Items Controlled

Related Controls:

(1) See USML Category I(f) for riflescopes subject to the ITAR that are not night sighting devices.

(2) See USML Category XII(c) for sighting devices using second generation image intensifier tubes having luminous sensitivity greater than 350 µA/lm, or third generation or higher image intensifier tubes, that are subject to the ITAR.

(3) See USML Category XII(b) for laser aiming or laser illumination systems subject to the ITAR.

(4) Section 744.9 imposes a license requirement on certain commodities described in 0A987 if being exported, re-exported, or transferred (in-country) for use by a military end-user or for incorporation into an item controlled by ECCN 0A919.

Related Definitions: N/A


a. Telescopic sights.

b. Holographic sights.

c. Reflex or “red dot” sights.

d. Reticle sights.

e. Other sighting devices that contain optical elements.

f. Laser aiming devices or laser illuminators “specially designed” for use on firearms, and having an operational wavelength exceeding 400 nm but not exceeding 710 nm. 

Note: 0A987.f does not control laser bore sighting devices that must be placed in the bore or chamber to provide a reference for aligning the firearms sights.

Category I–Firearms, Close Assault Weapons and Combat Shotguns

*(a) Nonautomatic and semi-automatic firearms to caliber .50 inclusive (12.7 mm).

*(b) Fully automatic firearms to .50 caliber inclusive (12.7 mm).

*(c) Firearms or other weapons (e.g. insurgency-counterinsurgency, close assault weapons systems) having a special military application regardless of caliber.

*(d) Combat shotguns. This includes any shotgun with a barrel length less than 18 inches.

*(e) Silencers, mufflers, sound and flash suppressors for the articles in (a) through (d) of this category and their specifically designed, modified or adapted components and parts.

(f) Riflescopes manufactured to military specifications (See category XII(c) for controls on night sighting devices.)

*(g) Barrels, cylinders, receivers (frames) or complete breech mechanisms for the articles in paragraphs (a) through (d) of this category.

(h) Components, parts, accessories, and attachments for the articles in paragraphs (a) through (g) of this category.(i) Technical data (as defined in Sec. 120.10 of this subchapter) and defense services (as defined in Sec. 120.9 of this subchapter) directly related to the defense articles described in paragraphs (a) through (h) of this category. Technical data directly related to the manufacture or production of any defense articles described elsewhere in this category that are designated as Significant Military Equipment (SME) shall itself be designated SME.